Marketing has changed!

Just a little something to chew on when it comes to Marketing in the era we live in today…

Marketing, especially during an age of massive information overload, has to be centered on something other than information alone. If we are paying attention, the companies and brands that are thriving, focus their marketing on creating an experience for their audience. 

The experience delivered to their audience is specifically designed to reveal brief, but powerful, highlights of what their company and brand stands for, in other words…

WHY they are who they are (notice the words: brief, powerful and why) and more importantly, how your why affects them!

Gone are the days of simply SAYING your company name, what you do, or what your company stands for. People want to be shown! They want to SEE who you are, EXPERIENCE what your company stands for and FEEL a connection with your brand.

Death comes to all, but great achievements build a monument which shall endure until the sun grows cold.


Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live as well as think.



People want to FEEL and EXPERIENCE what your company can accomplish for them.

This is the type of marketing we do at MAVRIK and we help our clients transition from the information based brand (and marketing) to an experience focused brand (and yes, the marketing also). We specialize in building epic brands so that you draw in your ideal audience to where they are able to feel and experience what your company can accomplish for them. 

Now your question is probably, “how do I accomplish that type of marketing?”


Step one, it all starts with having a rock solid brand. If the brand is weak… everything else is going to be weak. Meaning all marketing will not be able to perform at optimal levels until your brand is solid.


Step two, making sure all your marketing stays consistent with your brand and is dedicated to offering an AWESOME experience for your potential clients. This means quality content! Quality copy, quality images and videos. The more ways you’re able to create that experience the better.

If you can’t do video then make sure your copy (all your writing/text) and images are outstanding. Meaning your copy offers value, stays true to your brand message and is an enjoyable experience for them to read. Do not make your copy all about you! Remember focus on what’s in it for your potential clients.

Also don’t just fill it with info and stats… make it something your readers want to have more of! Too much info and stats gets boring! And images, dang… make sure your images aren’t generic. Focus on the emotion you’re trying to evoke more than having your image connected to your copy.

An example is this blog post. Do we have images of marketers or advertising agencies? Heck no! We put in images that convey the overall feel we want to evoke. A feeling of adventure and freedom. Feelings consistent with our brand.

Just like your copy shouldn’t be focused on only providing information, neither should your images! Images aren’t there to inform your audience. They’re there to create a feeling.

Your copy, images and videos are all there to create a FEELING, an EXPERIENCE! Do that right and you will build your tribe and create your movement.

Key takeaway… If you tell

someone something, they usually forget,

but if they experience and understand it,

they will remember.

Take away: If you tell someone something, they usually forget, but if they experience and understand it, they will remember. Build a brand people will remember. Not one that just adds to the noise. 

If you need help marketing your brand in a way people can feel and experience, reach out to us. We look forward to hearing more about how you’re changing the world!


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