There is one mistake that will totally kill your brand. If it isn’t avoided, your brand will never be able to reach optimal levels. Can you guess what the one mistake is? Yes, you might have some success… However, the chances of you getting burnt out are VERY high. Due to constantly working with clients and projects that suck the life out of you. You most likely don’t want to just be semi-successful or chance unsustainability, right?

Before I tell you what this one killer mistake is, can I tell you a quick story? Last week Mike and I were at a studio filming bios for a large event production company. This company has a large team of DJs working for them, and we were hired to film each of the DJ’s bios for the company’s website.

All of the DJs had to answer questions about themselves, the type of music they like and what got them into the industry. Every DJ we interviewed was well prepared and answered the questions very professionally. Then came this one DJ, we’ll call him the Rock Star DJ, because his answers ROCKED! Seriously. Now, what made his answers so much better than all the other DJs? It was because he answered honestly, authentically and from the heart. Seems basic right?

The ancestor of every action is a thought.


What you are comes to you.



If you try and sell to everyone

you won’t really “sell” to anyone.

The other DJs answered what they thought people would want to hear. They all said they liked every single style of music, that they could adjust to any type of crowd… basically that they were the perfect fit for any type of event… blah blah blah. Now the Rock Star DJ’s answers where anything but broad. He was super specific about the style of music he liked. Straight up hip hop! Yup, hip hop. And when he told his story about why hip hop inspired him, everyone in the studio was truly listening and engaged with his story. Everyone in the studio loved this dude, and wanted to hire him.

Everything about this Rock Star DJ exuded authenticity, passion and humility. He wasn’t putting on a front. This was who he was, and what he was passionate about. It was awesome!

But here’s the thing, the Rock Star DJ was the most nervous out of all the DJs we filmed that day. Being authentic can be hard and even a little scary, because not everyone will like what you have to say. But the awesome thing is you will attract more of the type of people you want to work with, AND start to build a true tribe of loyal customers.

Now for the one mistake that will completely cripple your brand… Don’t try and please everyone. If you try and sell to everyone you won’t really “sell” to anyone. You won’t have true fans, a solid tribe and lifelong clients and customers. You’ll be that blah brand that they kind of like, but can’t remember. This will leave your brand WIDE open for price wars and having to constantly worry about new competition from other brands in your industry.

Key takeaway… be brave enough

to say you love hip hop!

(Or gangster rap… bahaha)

The cool part about building an authentic brand, one that isn’t afraid to be true to the character/personality of you as the founder, when you do that you can create a cult like following of true fans and lifelong clients/customers. Then you don’t have to enter into price battles and worry about new brands or companies entering into your industry. How rad is that!

So key take away: be brave enough to say you love hip hop! (Or gangster rap… bahaha)

Don’t try and please the masses. If you make that mistake you will kill any chances of building a die hard tribe and creating a movement.


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