This is about more than just setting some goals. It’s about a mindset shift. We are excited for you and we know that victory is in your future. It’s time to ARISE.


We are the ones who decide if we will get back up and take a step forward. It’s up to us to purpose in our hearts to ARISE and take daily action.


Small daily action is the key to staggering long-term results.


It’s only when we decide to stay down, to give up, that we fail. We are here to encourage you to get back up. This is NOT the end of your story. There is so much victory in your future if you will AIRSE.


Nothing changes. 


Today we really want to encourage those of you who might be feeling a little discouraged when it comes to your goals. Maybe you haven’t achieved all the goals you had set for yourself and your business that you thought you would have by now. Maybe your business hasn’t grown as much as you’d liked or it seemed like you just kept facing challenge after challenge. We’re here today to encourage you, to get back up and keep stepping forward no matter what failures, challenges or setbacks you’ve faced.

It doesn’t matter that you might not be exactly where you want to be. It doesn’t matter that you might have fallen or missed your target. What matters is that you don’t stay down. This isn’t the end of your story, this is just part of it, and there is victory in your future if you will just get back up and keep stepping forward.

Today is your day. It’s time to get up and take action. It all starts with simply deciding to take the first step. You don’t have to go at it alone, we’re here to help you.



Let’s say you’ve been working on putting together a business deal for months, and it just isn’t coming together. This business deal would have caused you to hit your revenue goal for the year, but it looks like it might not come together before the end of the year. When our expectations aren’t met we can easily get into discouragement, frustration, defeat, comparison. And even start to question why we’re doing what we’re doing in the first place.

BUT here is the beauty that can be found even in those times where our expectations aren’t met. They can set us up for a deeper revelation from the Lord. It can be setting us up to see the miraculous, if we will get back up from the muddy waters of discouragement.

An example of this is the story of Lazarus from the Bible. If you’re not familiar with this story, awesome, you’re in for a treat. So, this dude named Lazarus got really sick and his sisters went to Jesus and told Him about it. Jesus responds back with reassuring words, He tells them not to worry and that this won’t end in death. 

Well, what happens, Jesus doesn’t show up, Lazarus gets worse and dies. And Jesus doesn’t even show up the day after, or the day after that… it’s not until 4 days after Lazarus dies that Jesus shows up.

Now, do you think Lazarus’ sisters had unmet expectations? Heck yeah! They’re probably thinking, “what the heck you told us not to worry and that he wouldn’t die, but he did!!”

But that wasn’t the end of the story! Jesus shows up 4 days after Lazarus died and stands in front of Lazarus’ tomb and tells him to get back up. And he does, Lazarus walks out alive.

So dear friend, it doesn’t matter how it might look, or what expectations might have not been met this year. This could be setting you up to see something even more amazing than you ever could imagine. But what’s the key, don’t stay down, don’t stay discouraged and offended. Imagine if Lazarus’ sisters saw Jesus coming to the tomb and they were so offended and upset that they told Him to go away. Would they have seen their brother raised from the dead. No!

Moving from defeat, frustration, an offense to a place of peace, forgiveness, hope, gratitude is the key to seeing those big shifts happen in your life.



STEP 1 Take 5min and reflect over the past year. Are there any unmet expectations that you’re holding onto that can be breeding grounds for discouragement, bitterness, frustration, or offense? If there are, decide to release those unmet expectations. This doesn’t mean you don’t continue to grow and take steps forward in those areas, it just means you’re deciding to make a shift from focusing on what didn’t happen to the steps you’re going to take now.

STEP 2 Decide today to take consistent daily action. Once we see how daily action is the key to long term success, that is when real change will start. It always starts in our mind first. Start to see yourself differently, start to see yourself as someone who follows through and does what they say they are going to do.

STEP 3 Download our Goal Setting Guide and take 15minutes to fill it out for yourself. This guide is designed to keep it simple, to help you stay focused and take daily action. It won’t take you long to fill out, and that’s the point. We want you to focus only on a few key areas of your life and decide to take one daily action in each of those areas. Make sure to print out the page where you fill your daily action commitments and put that page somewhere you will see it daily. This is super important!

STEP 4 Take 5 minutes and think about all the wins you’ve had over the past year. Even better would be to write out a list of wins. All the areas of your life where you saw or achieved something awesome. The business deals you did close, the marketing campaigns you started, the targets you did hit, the time you took with your family, the adventures you were able to be a part of. Write out anything and everything that went well over the past 12months. You’ll probably be surprised at how long the list is once you get going!

It’s so easy to focus on what didn’t happen and skip over all the awesome stuff that did. Making this list will help you shift from discouragement to gratitude.

If you need more help to achieve the goals you’ve set for your brand we’d be amped to connect with you and see how we might be able to help. Just click the link below to schedule your free 30-minute strategy call with us. 





The key is to make a decision to take daily action. To see how the seemingly small daily steps we take are the difference between staying the same and having a victorious year. This guide is designed to keep it simple, and help you win big this year!


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